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hey there. my name is dre and i am monkey and i am giant. 

in other words i'm mischievous and playful as f*ck, but i have to temper that with adulting. most days this is not a fun combination. admittedly it was initially a rather jekyll & hyde relationship (monkey vs giant), but these days it's more of a yin & yang situation (monkey + giant).

i draw, carve, and print from my home up in the scottish highlands, but i don't have the phenomenal accent that goes with that postcode. no. no matter how hard i try, this born-n-bred nyc accent of mine is here to stay.

if asked what i do, i think the best response i could offer would be that i’m a graphic designer with a penchant for making a mess, so in my work you’ll find a mixture of order and chaos.

on the orderly side of things, you’ll find the animal collective: a 22-part series of literal interpretations of collective nouns. its graphically designed and bold-coloured as fuck.

on the other side are my lino prints. i can’t pull any print without getting paint everywhere, AND I LOVE IT. i sell the prints i pull myself. i have also found a brilliant uk-based printer who has helped me apply my animal & bug designs to natural and quality materials to create a line of eco enamel mugs, linen tea towels, and hemp, linen, and canvas bags.

part graphic designer and part linocut printer, it's hard being a maker of things who simultaneously doesn't want to add to the world of 'stuff' on our planet. for a long time i only sold paper prints (that were recyclable). i realise tho that there is 'stuff' that is purposeful and of good use to us, especially if it is well-made and can stand the test of time... so that is how i've chosen product lines that stem beyond my printed art.

all products within my collection (including packaging) are sustainably made, durable, and can either be recycled, reused, or composted because nature is f*cking awesome. especially here in the scottish highlands. there are so many different kinds of rain storms, thicknesses of fog, all manners of sun rises and sun sets, the highest and lowest of tides, and rainbows like nothing i've ever seen.

you see, I give a shit about the planet. And I also give a shit about being creative. the two have collided and as such my creativity takes me all over the fucking place soooooo, um, welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride ;)