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paper love & care

am proud to say that all of my digital designs are printed on Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper. 

Fedrigoni is an italian paper manufacturer who meets my requirements both for quality and responsibility towards the environment. you can find out more information here:

Arcoprint paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, chlorine free, heavy-metal free, and acid free, and completely biodegradable and recyclable.

my 50x70cm prints are printed on Arcoprint 170gsm paper, a paper weight suitable for larger prints due to the ease in which they return to a flattened state. 

my 30x40cm prints are printed on Arcoprint 250gsm paper. this enables me to ship them flat and avoid the ‘memory' issues that arise when rolling thick sheets.

my A6 postcards are printed on Arcoprint 350gsm paper. these will stand up well against the wear and tear of postal travel.

because i print solely on Arcoprint, my prints maintain the same look, feel, and quality across the entire range of sizes!


getting the prints to you

50x70cm prints are sent in a tube.

30x40cm prints are shipped flat in a board envelope.

A6 postcard books are sent in padded envelopes.

upon receipt of your prints, i suggest that you unpack and unroll them as soon as you can, making sure to do so on a clean surface. and using clean hands!

take your time when unravelling your art print. like any rolled paper, it will be susceptible to accidental creases or dents if handled too quickly.

to preserve your print, i recommend hanging your print in a frame. i chose dimensions for my prints that are common for frames, but i think that clothing pegs and washi tape also do a lovely job!

upon receipt of your print, i suggest you unpack it to also make sure it arrived without issue. if it did suffer any damage, please contact me immediately at and please make sure to include photos of the print and shipping tube/envelope damage.

i appreciate that postal services are hard to rely on sometimes, so please take a look at your purchase as soon as it arrives; in the event of damage during shipping, i am willing to offer refunds up to 3 weeks (21 calendar days) after an order is placed.